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Top Miner

Is there any list of the daily top miners? Who has mined the most in one day ever? On Mar 8th, 2018, I mined 100,000 ore and got the top miner for that day. Has anyone mined more than that in a day?

AZURE MINES MARATHON: Rixspark7 is Today's Top Miner
AZURE MINES MARATHON: Rixspark7 is Today's Top Miner YouTube
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This community is dying. Should we do something about all the controversy that is killing this game?

We need help. This community is getting so much hate and controversy that if we don’t do something, it might be dead as we know it. Put your votes down and I’ll research something to who was the person who first discovered the ore duping hack.

Who do you think was the person who first discovered ore duping?
  • awesome1fire1
  • AsphaltIsCrystle
  • Kap_Cat60
  • PL_OPP
  • Someone not in this list (If you chose this, tell me in the comments)
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This is an extremely controversial topic, people think that she dupes due to the statistics...

she farms 100 kappa in 4 days. So 100 kappa /4 days = 25 kappa per day

25 kappa x (1337m + 420m) = how much stones per day she needs to mine to do it legit. It equals 43925 stone per day to get 25 kappa per day and she doesnt appear on daily miner any day. she needs to mine 44k blocks everyday to be legit

and we dont see her on the Daily Miner any day back then. (Copied of Passionate Miner lol).

As well as this, the almost exponential growth of Kap's Ambrosia seems suspcicious to raise speculation in many deities. But it could just be luck with trades. And the fact that awesome12fire admits to 'teaching' her how to dupe ores, being friends, does make it prone to ideas.


The Kappa could be traded from other people, and the fact that she uses IPad does clear many many duping ideas. As well as this, she has stated many times that the Ambrosia she gets are sometimes for free. Gina and Sam are two examples of helpers who gave her the ore for free. However, she states that she mines 25 kappa, which doesn't explain anything.

And what awesome says, they are just words, we can only judge people from their actions and not what they say in this game anymore. Someone could just say that another tought how to dupe and immediately half the deities say WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DUPER.

I dont have much else to write about why she doesnt dupe apart from the fact that she plays tons of Azure Mines.

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What Strength Do You Have?
  • 16-31
  • 31-63
  • 63-125
  • 125-250
  • 250-500
  • 500-1000
  • 1000-2000
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Wheres the best place to find rubies

idk im trying to get 10k for a crown but im struggling
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Azure Mines Discord Server

We have an Azure Mines Discord server with 50 members and counting! Have have music bot and moderator bots, along with many other players of the game! Come stop by and give us a try!
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Upgrading mining operation...?

I don't understand why I can not upgrade my mining operation. I am playing on the Xbox One. 1 uranium, 90 iron and 70 silver needed to upgrade. I have 2 uranium, 118 iron and 162 silver. Whether it's on me or in storage, I click on the mining op, and when I try to upgrade it, all I do is jump around. I'm legend rank and trying to get the mine op up to 6. Can anyone explain what's going wrong? D&A is lvl 4, storage is 3, marketplace is 2 and R&D is 4. This is really frustrating. Thank you in advance for any and all help. I would have uploaded a pic, but it wouldn't let me.
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Base Upgrades Poll

Which base station should recieve more upgrades?
  • Teleporter Array
  • Mining Operation
  • Storage Management
  • Data & Analysis
  • Research & Development
  • Marketplace
  • Personal Tunnel
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Newtonium & Its Pickaxe OP?

is it?
  • yeah it is
  • nah it's fine
  • needs a buff
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Which music is more scary?

  • This One (
  • This One (
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Yah! I love my page being edited by someone other than me...

Some person named "Pepperoni Jam" Edited my page. :(
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