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• 7/26/2018

Upgrading mining operation...?

I don't understand why I can not upgrade my mining operation. I am playing on the Xbox One. 1 uranium, 90 iron and 70 silver needed to upgrade. I have 2 uranium, 118 iron and 162 silver. Whether it's on me or in storage, I click on the mining op, and when I try to upgrade it, all I do is jump around. I'm legend rank and trying to get the mine op up to 6. Can anyone explain what's going wrong? D&A is lvl 4, storage is 3, marketplace is 2 and R&D is 4. This is really frustrating. Thank you in advance for any and all help. I would have uploaded a pic, but it wouldn't let me.
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• 7/26/2018
I never owned an Xbox before, so I can't really help. Try double checking the requirements.
• 7/27/2018
Turns out it was a glitch. Logged in today and I could upgrade my stuff, but my ray gun was missing. Lol. Logged out and back in. Now everything is working fine.
• 7/28/2018
Just a side note, if you played in a VIP server and happened to not have your ray gun, try resetting your character.
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