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Azure Mines Official Trailer

Azure Mines Official Trailer

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It's been a while since Berezaa released an Update for Azure Mines.

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  • discussion page Talk:Ambrosia
    new comment by OldLuckEE 1 hour ago
    Comment: If berezaa add ambrosia pickaxe, would make as valuable as before and maybe more, right now, is useless
  • discussion page Talk:Research & Development
    new comment by OMG18000 Gas 2 hours ago
    Comment: hey, Iditos isn't very nice. And plus that's only becasue berezaa tweaked it. So these people where righ because it used to be instead of diamond.
  • discussion page Talk:Storage Management
    new comment by OMG18000 Gas 2 hours ago
    Comment: that literally never happens to me lol
  • edit Garnet
    edited by EricTheCartRider43 5 hours ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Gamepasses
    new comment by The1ol4r 20 hours ago
    Comment: Navigation Kit should be free tbh
  • edit Dragonstone
    edited by The1ol4r 20 hours ago diff
    Summary: minor spellfix and link
  • discussion page Talk:Newtonium
    new comment by Tntwatch0 21 hours ago
    Comment: Had 4 people following me trying to get exp from this ore, one was even a Wizard. ^^;
  • discussion page Talk:Painite
    new comment by A FANDOM user 23 hours ago
    Comment: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I said this comment when I was younger (not the one by Coolperson, but the one by FanticalDanny). I now am at the end of the "V"...
  • discussion page Ambrosia
    comment by OMG18000 Gas 1 day ago
    OMG18000 Gas

    OMG18000 Gas

    OMG18000 Gas wrote:ok :) Well I guess I gotta go ahead and mine for some time now 

    OMG18000 Gas

    OMG18000 Gas

    I'll do it next week ok? 

  • discussion page Talk:Levels
    new comment by A FANDOM user 1 day ago
    Comment: When you level up to Super Deity: *SCREAMS LIKE YOU JUST FELL OFF OF A CLIFF ONTO A FLOOR OF SPIKES* - Korbloxium on Roblox
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New to Azure Mines?

Azure Mines is a new mining game first developed by Berezaa during a five hour stream on June 7th 2016. You start off with a base in ruins and it's your job to restore it to its former glory by upgrading the stations with ores and gold. You can also go deep into the mines and caves to collect rare ores! There are even a few that rarely spawn on the surface so keep an eye out for those! Have fun!

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