Base Stations
Upgradable buildings around your base you can interact with
Total Upgrade Cost:
1,792,345 Coin 42 Itemtopaz 5,328 Silver-0 563 Itemuo 25 Itemdragon 136 Itemdiamond 16 Itememerald 18 SapphireIcon 11 Itemopal 29 Itemur 13 Itempluto 10 Itemmoon 100,000 Stone Icon 3,728 Itemiron 3,470 Itemcopper 188 Itembar 106 AzureOreIcon 50 Coalicon 37 Itemserend 9 Itemruby 80 Itemgold 6 Item3 12 Itemrain 1 Itemamy

Overview Edit

Base Stations are upgradable buildings used for decoration, providing necessities, storage, transportation, more experience, coins, and trading.

Image Name Effect Max Level
RobloxScreenShot09122016 063849553
Data & Analysis Increase in Optimal Mining Depth and XP generation 10
RobloxScreenShot09112016 205439067
Mining Operations Unlocked pickaxes and increase in coin generation 14
RobloxScreenShot09122016 064302965
Storage Management Infinite storage and increase in inventory capacity 10
RobloxScreenShot09112016 210533728
Research & Development More mining power and increase in XP and coin generation 8
RobloxScreenShot09122016 064815128
Teleporter Array Teleport to 26x26 Public Mine 1
RobloxScreenShot09122016 063405211
Marketplace RNG ore trading with NPC 7
Personal tunnel
Personal Tunnel Access to personal 3x3 mine 1

Trivia Edit

  • As base stations are upgraded, they will change in appearance.

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