Play Azure Mines

Ore Depth Tips and Tricks for Mining Image Ore XP Reward
Stone 1-599 Mine without ease


600-999 Torches recommended


1000-1999 Watch out for cool ores


≥ 2000 Pink light will lead to dragonglass
Coal 1-2200 Can be found anywhere. Most common at depths 2000+
Copper 10-2000 Up to 2000, this becomes more common as it gets deeper.

Recommended 500 and lower. Better to look at 1200 while strip mining.

Itemcopper 5
Iron 5-1000 Easier to mine at 5-50 depth.

Easily found in the mountain or your base. Better to look at 100 while strip mining

Itemiron 8
Silver 19-2000 Easily found in the

mountain or your base. Most common while mining at 600

Silver-0 8
Ruby 65-300 50 to 100. Easily

found in the

mountain or your base. Most common 200 to 300

Itemruby 25
Sapphire 80-400 200 to 300. Easily found in

the mountain or your base. Particularly common after 350

SapphireIcon 25
Emerald 299-600 Fairly easy to find. Most common 400-500 Itememerald 30
Sulfur 15-2166 Easy to find. Most common in dark stone layer Sulfur 35


600 to 700, better to look

while strip mining. More common near the surface

Itemgold 50
Diamond 400-1200 750 to 850, better to look

while strip mining.

Itemdiamond 400
Opal 1-5 3 to 4, also able to be

found in the glitched

mine if you know how to get there.



Pumpkinite N/A Can only be found on the rocky walls on the surface. Exclusive ore for the Halloween 2017 event. 1000
Uranium 800-1401 Easier to mine at 800-900. Better to look at 1200 while strip mining Itemur 2000
Moonstone 1 Unprotected Moonstone only spawns on mine reset. Has a 0.25% chance to spawn in

your base or in the mountain.

Itemmoon 4000
Baryte 1000-2000 Fairly common in caves, you will most commonly find it mining straight down. Best to look for at 1400 Itembar 5000
Topaz 2-2000 Spawns only in caves. Become more

common the deeper you go. Up to 5 Topaz in 1 cave

Itemtopaz 5000
Unobtainium  50 Found everywhere, better to look in caves.

Common at the depth of 55 to 60

(when mining straight forward).

Itemuo 5000
Plutonium 700-2000 700 to 1000 for faster mining. Better to look in caves after 1050 Itempluto 6000
Illuminunium 666 Only found at 666. Item3 6666
Amethyst 1-1000 Slightly more common near the surface. Can be occasionally found while mining straight down. Rare after 900 Itemamy 10000
Dragonglass 2000-2166 Try to look for magenta light anywhere,

it will lead to dragonglass. Better to strip mine for it

Itemdragon 100
Rainbonite 1000-2000 Spawns only in caves,

most commonly found 1200 to 1500.

Itemrain 15000
Serendibite 996-999 Better to use a stronger

pickaxe like Amethyst, Azure, etc.

Itemserend 20000
Azure 1400-2000 Try to find caves between

1750-1850, as there may be azure around.

AzureOreIcon 25000
Painite 2000-2166 Below 2010, better to look in caves. Rare after 2050 Itempain 40000
Kappite 1337, 420, 0 (coordinates) Only spawns at a special

position of 1337, 420, 0. Usually

requires navigation kit to find this ore.

Kappiteicon-0 42099
Boomite 600-1000 Below 750 to 1000,

most commonly found in caves.

Requires Dragonglass pickaxe to mine.

BoomiteIcon 0
Ambrosia 1-2200 Extremely rare, only spawns

once in a million blocks.

Itemambro-0 Variable (Depends on how many Ambrosia are in ONE mine {etc. 1 ambrosia in a mine = 1,000,000 XP for mining it but 2 ambrosia in one mine results in mining 1 of them 500,000 EXP})
Twitchite 1-2200 Only spawns during Twitch streams. The viewer count alters the rarity and XP given. Icontwitch Variable (Depends on livestream viewer count)


395-1002 Has been seen below 400 however eventually stops spawning around 1000. Platinumicon 15,000


1675-2000 A rare ore. Takes about as long to mine as Azure. Need to be wizard to mine this. Better to look in caves Mithril Icon 2 40,000


Staff Room There is always 5 garnet at the Staff Room when a new server is made. Garneticon 0