Play Azure Mines

Ore Depth Tips and Tricks for Mining Image Ore XP Reward
Stone 1-599 None


600-999 None


1000-1999 None


≥ 2000 None
Coal 1-2200 Can be found anywhere.
Copper 10-2000 Up to 2000, this becomes more common as it gets deeper.

Recommended 500 and lower. Better to look at 1200 while strip mining.

Itemcopper 5
Iron 5-1000 Easier to mine at 5-50 depth.

Easily found in the mountain or your base.

Itemiron 8
Silver 20-2000 Easily found in the

mountain or your base.

Silver-0 8
Ruby 66-300 50 to 100. Easily

found in the

mountain or your base.

Itemruby 25
Sapphire 80-400 200 to 300. Easily found in

the mountain or your base.

SapphireIcon 25
Emerald 299-600 Fairly easy to find. Itememerald 30
Sulfur 25-2166 Easy to find. Sulfur 35


600 to 700, better to look

while strip mining.

Itemgold 50
Diamond 400-1200 750 to 850, better to look

while strip mining.

Itemdiamond 400
Opal 1-5 3 to 4, also able to be

found in the glitched

mine if you know how to get there.



Pumpkinite Can only be found on the rocky walls on the surface. Exclusive ore for the Halloween 2017 event. 1000
Uranium 800-1400 Easier to mine at 800-900. Itemur 2000
Moonstone 1 Unprotected Moonstone only spawns on mine reset. Has a chance to spawn in

your base or in the mountain.

Itemmoon 4000
Baryte 1000-2000 Less common in caves, you will most commonly find it mining straight down. Itembar 5000
Topaz 1-2000 Spawns only in caves. Become more

common the deeper you go.

Itemtopaz 5000
Unobtainium  50 Found everywhere, better to look in caves.

Common at the depth of 55 to 60

(when mining straight forward).

Itemuo 5000
Plutonium 700-2000 700 to 1000 for faster mining. Itempluto 6000
Illuminunium 666 Only found at 666. Item3 6666
Amethyst 1-1000 Slightly more common near the surface. Can be occasionally found while mining straight down. Itemamy 10000
Dragonglass 2000-2200 Try to look for magenta light anywhere,

it will lead to dragonglass.

Itemdragon 100
Rainbonite 1000-2000 Spawns only in caves,

most commonly found 1200 to 1500.

Itemrain 15000
Serendibite 996-999 Better to use a stronger

pickaxe like Amethyst, Azure, etc.

Itemserend 20000
Azure 1100-2000 Try to find caves between

1750-1850, as there may be azure around.

AzureOreIcon 25000
Painite 2000-2200 Below 2010, better to look in caves. Itempain 40000
Kappite 1337, 420, 0 (coordinates) Only spawns at a special

position of 1337, 420, 0. Usually

requires navigation kit to find this ore.

Kappiteicon-0 42099
Boomite 600-1000 Below 750 to 1000,

most commonly found in caves.

Requires Dragonglass pickaxe to mine.

BoomiteIcon 0
Ambrosia 1-2200 Extremely rare, only spawns

once in a million blocks.

Itemambro-0 1,000,000
Twitchite 1-2200 Only spawns during Twitch streams. The viewer count alters the rarity and XP given. Icontwitch Variable (Depends on livestream viewer count)


400-1000 Has been seen below 400 however eventually stops spawning around 1000. Platinumicon 15,000


1700-2000 A rare ore. Takes about as long to mine as Azure. Need to be wizard to mine this. Mithril Icon 2 40,000


Staff Room There is always 5 garnet at the Staff Room when a new server is made. Garneticon 0


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