Overview Edit

Caves are pre-scripted spaces that spawn at the mine when you mine an ore or stone that is surrounding it. It contains many ores that are spawned, including some that are only obtained at caves. They normally have 200 - 2000 blocks and can be really easy for finding some ores. However, it is hard to see the ore only with the light of a lantern below 400m due to the lack of range, so it's recommended to have at least a Torch Or Uranium Stick. Large caves often have cave continuations behind flat walls, and can also be on the ceiling and floor.

Aditional Details Edit

  • Caves on 300m - 400m and 500m - 700m tend to have a little more ' depth - drop downs ' with more than 10 blocks of depth.
  • Caves under 2000m tend to have more continuations on ceiling/ground than others, and are larger.
  • Ores that spawn exclusively in caves are the most requested for upgrades on the Marketplace.