A feature added in on 6/19/2016, you can now craft various things that you can place in the mines depth 10m and below.

To craft, click the furnace near the anvil. They are currently 6 different things you can craft:

In the near future, Coil Givers will be able to be crafted.

  • Gravity Coil Giver - ? Sapphire - Gives a gravity coil that increases jump height and makes you fall slower.
  • Speed Coil Giver - ? Ruby - Increases the speed you move at.

More items will be announced and implemented in the future.

For now, you can see what craftable items are already available in Azure Mines:

You can also craft a variety of pickaxes. They are listed on the page about every ore. They are significantly harder to craft than building items most times.

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