Note: As of April 11, 2017 - we are only including deities since before the ROBLOX Medieval Battle Event which was from 1/18/17 to 1/31/17.

To become Deity, you must obtain 1,136,018,300 experience.

Username Date Proof
AkatoshMort 9/1/16
AkatoshMort Deity
Sylfaen 9/22/16
Sylfaen Deity
LightKorzo 11/9/16
RobloxScreenShot11052016 004454194
doge00 11/9/16
Deity proof
roastedjosh24 11/19/2016
RobloxScreenShot11192016 110016069
Kirikosa 12/28/16
RobloxScreenShot12282016 081339634
robloxgamingbust 1/17/17

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