Overview Edit

Diamond is a generally commonish ore that can be found between 400m and 1999m within the mines, and grants the player 400XP when mined. The time taken to mine it is fairly long, but nothing tedious like Serendibite. It is used to upgrade a variety of buildings, and it can be used to make a pickaxe, using 15 diamond and 40 coal, relatively easy requirements. The Diamond Pickaxe is generally the pickaxe that people will craft after the Gold Pickaxe. It is unlocked when Mining Operations is upgraded to Level 4.

Diamond Pickaxe Edit

Power: 3.5 @ 11th. Greater than Emerald, less than Uranium. (tied with Moonstone)

Range: 4.5 @ 12th. Greater than Boomite, less than Garnet. (tied with Emerald)

Delay: 0.28 @ 8th. Greater than Iron, less than Uranium. (tied with Opal)

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Diamond is one of the most famous desired gemstones . Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald are also considered precious.
  • The Diamond Pickaxe was one of the first Pickaxes to be added in the initial Pickaxe Forge Update, and was initially known as the best Pickaxe, only beaten by the Delay of the Emerald Pickaxe.
  • The ore is usually best found at 500m and 501.
  • In real life, diamond is usually clear and colorless.

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