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This is a page the contains regulations for editor when editing pages. These regulations are designed to keep the content in the wikia at high quality.

Page structure

Pages about ores and their respectice pickaxes are combined. Overview goes on the top and then trivia while the infobox is on the right of the page. Pages with similar elements but have very little information should be combined. Do not put bullet points in the overview nor add images of the ore in-game, especially galleries.


Berezaa uploads his Miner's Haven images under his account while uploading Azure Mines images under his Twitch Group (click the link to access the images). Navigate through the page until you find a desired image, right click then click "save image as" and select a file location on your computer where you can keep track of the file then click "save" to download the image. It appears that not all images for rAzure Mines are there so if you are going to take a screenshot, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you can, it would be prefered to edit the image and give it a transparent background (if the image is good but you can't make it have a transparent background then you should still upload it)
  • When getting images of the ore, make sure the image isn't being taken from an angle (we want flat 0 degree images of ore)
  • MAKE SURE YOUR CURSOR IS OUT OF SIGHT WHEN GETTING ORE IMAGES (this mistake is more common than you think)


This wikia has one infobox which is called "Universal Infobox" and is currently used for all pages that need an infobox EXCEPT for Base Station pages. These pages use an infobox replica with its page being Template:Base Station, the purpose of the infobox replica is to make the wikia look more like the actual game Azure Mines.


Categories are meant to categorize items and pages based on common characteristics. These regulations are designed to make sure categories are kept at a minimum and streamlined. These are the only categories allowed:

  • Ores (for ore pages)
  • Pickaxes (also for ore pages)
  • Real Life Ores
  • Rarity categories (the only ones list below, character & case sensitive, the tag "(Ores)" is added so all the categories are shown in one place in the Special:Categories Page)
    • (Ores) Common
    • (Ores) Uncommon
    • (Ores) Rare
    • (Ores) Ultra Rare
  • Game Mechanics
  • References
  • Base Stations
  • Items

Banned categories

Types of banned categories:

  • Categories named after ore
  • Categories based on an ore's , colors, and or size
  • Do not categorize ore based on an update where it was released
  • Don't add categories named after updates.

Specific Banned Categories:

  • Hidden Items
  • Guide
  • Hacks
  • XP
  • Easter
  • Depth
  • Reward
  • Selling
  • Bugs
  • Crafting
  • Placeable
  • Torches
  • Tutorial
  • Building
  • Suggestions
  • Kappa
  • Levels