Overview Edit

Emerald is a fairly common ore that new players tend to go for, as it's good for their level, or they just like Minecraft. (MINECRAFT IS A STUPID TOILET THAT COPIED ROBLOX STOP PLAYING MINECRAFT NOW ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND ITS SOOOO STUPID.) The Emerald Pickaxe is generally one of the first pickaxes a player will get after Iron.

Emerald Pickaxe Edit

The Emerald Pickaxe is the third pickaxe in the game, unlocked by upgrading Mining Operations to Level 2. This pickaxe requires 5 emerald and 20 coal in order to be forged. It is rather mediocre, but works well.

Trivia Edit

  • IRL, Emerald is a green gemstone and is considered one of the four precious stones together with Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond.
  • The Emerald Pickaxe was one of the first pickaxes to be added in the initial Pickaxe Forge Update, and was the 2nd best beaten by the Diamond Pickaxe in terms of power and rarity.
  • Emerald looks fairly similar to Uranium, the major difference being that Uranium is brighter.

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