Overview Edit

Gamepasses are boosters in Azure Mines that can only be purchased for ROBLOX. This does add some pay 2 win aspect to the game but these gamepasses ARE NOT needed to win or even do good in Azure Mines unllike many other ROBLOX games.

Navigation Kitpng

Costs 25 $R

Navigation Kit Edit

"Replaces your depth indicator with a live reading of your exact coordinate position."

As the official description suggests, the navigation kit allows players to view their X, Y, and Z coordinates rather than just their Y coordinate (how deep the player is in the mines). This pass is especially useful for collecting Kappa ore.

Risk Analysis Kit Edit

Risk Analysis

Costs 40 R$

"Replaces the Mine Condition indicator with an exact reading of the mine's lifetime."

As the official description suggests instead of seeing if mining conditions are either "Safe", "RIsky", "Dangerous", or "Critical", you receive a percentage reading of how many more blocks need to be mined before reaching the mining limit of 100K blocks.

Merchant Kit Edit

"Unlocks an extra deal slot in the Marketplace."

Merchant Kit

Costs 100 R$

The Merchant Kit adds an extra marketplace slot to the owner's marketplace no matter how high their marketplace level is meaning the maximum amount of slots changes from 5 slots to 4 slots.

Trivia Edit

  • Because it displays your coordinates, the Navigation Kit is useful for locating Kappa Ore.
  • The Merchant Kit is useful for selling and buying required ore due to the extra slot.
  • Some people often criticize berezaa, the creator or Azure Mines, because of the prices of the game passes. Most of the people complain about the Merchant Kit and Navigation Kit.