Note: The ore icon is unofficial, the real one is broken and has never been found yet.

Garnet is an ore revealed on Berezaa's MLK day stream which was released in the January Update. It spawns exclusively on the walls and floor of the hidden Staff Room. It's one of the most difficult ores to obtain, if not the most difficult. Since the Staff Room isn't really a secret, there are always hordes of players there. It's normal behavior to be greedy and try to obstruct players who are trying to mine the ore but it's impossible because of how long it takes to mine, nobody will get it. The only solution is being reasonable - just letting someone take it so everyone will leave the server causing another one to be created with more garnet.

Staff Room

The Staff Room is found by going into the cave on your left once you exit your teleporter. Then you are teleported to a separate game. Garnet can be found around the walls and floor, but are usually already mined for the aforementioned reason.

If you entered Staff Room but then lost your rank or items after exiting the Staff Room, say "restoredata" in chat to retrieve your rank and items back.

If you have successfully mined Garnet, do not leave the server yet! Wait for the bar on top to say, "Data has successfully saved!" Then, you can safely leave the server, with a Garnet in your inventory. 

  • The Garnet icon has been glitched since it was introduced. We're hoping this will encourage Berezza to update the game, to at least fix this bug and the chat glitch. Get it done, Berezza.
  • Garnet is the first ore that has to be mined in a server outside of Azure Mines. There are other ore that are mined outside of the main game, but can not be obtained, such as Memerock.
  • Garnet isn't so valuable in trading unless in extreme quantities, like 25 or more. Most people know by now that you can easily farm it during midnight (for US).
  • The Staff Room is separate from the main game so you cannot purchase a private server in hope of farming the ore.
  • You can farm garnet easily by keep changing server in the server tab and go into the staff room.Simply press 'play' may cause you join same server or joining friend's server.

Garnet Pickaxe

  • Power: 5.3 @ 3rd. Greater than Boomite (5), worse than Amethyst (6).
  • Range: 5 @ 8th. Greater than Diamond (4.5), worse than Iron (5.2).
  • Delay: 0.12 @ 2nd. Greater than Azure (0.13), worse than Moonstone (0.09).



Staff's room's staffs.


Staff's room. (from above)


Staff room entrance.


Garnet's Icon error in console

Studio 20170207 110202

5th Garnet on the wall with the lightning glitch on a tablet.