Please note this page covers content with references to other content that may not be ROBLOX-appropriate.:)

The 'Z' coordinate was changed to '0' because it was deemed inappropriate by Berezza (not ROBLOX staff).

Overview Edit

Kappa is a unique ore, although there's guaranteed to be one at specific coordinates 1337, 420, 0 every mine, so it's not technically rare at all, but it's understandable since most people get confused and lost while trying to find this ore. It also takes a drastically long time to reach since the 'X' coordinate is 1337. If you need assistance finding it, you're welcome to purchase the Navigation Kit gamepass for 25


Kappa is considered collectible since it cannot be sold or used to upgrade/craft. The only thing you could use it for is the emblem.

How to Reach Kappa

  1. Start at the farthest/top right corner (near the blue side where the Trade-o-Tron is)
  2. Dig along the X axis to 1337.
  3. Dig down until you find kappa.
  4. Mine kappa! (Instructions 2 and 3 have been rearranged, for there is a large chance you will fall down a cave while mining across.)

Tip: You can watch your inventory to tell how far you need to go still.

Trivia Edit

  • This is mainly mined as a collectible ore, even though it gives a good amount of XP.
  • Each coordinate references a meme (excluding 0, the new Z coordinate); 1337 or l33t is considered a language where you replace certain letters with numbers and/or symbols to sound elite ("leet")
    Found Kappa Ore
    Kappite meme
    or cool. The meaning of 420 isn't necessarily appropriate for ROBLOX but possibly not as inappropriate as 69 which was the previous coordinate for 'Z'. Berezaa changed the coordinate from 69 to 0 during a livestream when he found it to be inappropriate.
  • The in game name for this ore is kappa but many people call the ore Kappite.The Kappa/Kappite ore is based off of the Kappa emoji found on Twitch, a popular eSports streaming platform that Berezaa uses. Feel free to follow him and watch his streams here.
  • This ore was given a name in a live stream where Berezaa ran a poll on reddit, where reddit user vKarmaHDv won the poll with the ore name Kappa Ore, which was later renamed to what it is currently.

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