Overview Edit

The lantern is a utility in Azure Mines you can equip by pressing [1] on your keyboard (or pressing its button on tablets). The Lantern produces a light that makes the area around them much more visible. The Lantern also gives the player holding it 1/3 of XP from nearby ores mined by other players. The light emitted from the lantern starts to decay at 600m depth, where it will start to be less efficient and at the final making-almost no light

If you level a player under the light of your lantern, you will receive the badge Great Guy'. Your lantern will become more improved as you level up more and more. When you equip the Painite Pickaxe,your lantern will become the Hell's Lantern; more information below.

The Hell's Lantern Edit

The Hell's Lantern is a red lantern that is much brighter but does not allow the player to receive XP when ores are mined witihin it's radius. You cannot have both lanterns at once and the regular lantern is replaced with Hell's Lantern when a user equips a Painite Pickaxe and is swapped back when another pickaxe is equipped.

Trivia Edit

  • The Underworld (2000m+) is incredibly bright and glowing red. Taking out the Lantern would make it seem super saturated.

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