If you level up, you see this image.

Overview Edit

Whenever you level up, you receive a boost to your pickaxe power/strength. You may also gain the ability to mine a new ore, like Amethyst or Opal.

You gain experience (XP) by mining ores. If you're new to the game, you should ask to partner up with someone who allows you to tag along. By actively holding the lantern, you'll provide extra light and receive a (significant) fraction of experience from whoever is in the vicinity. Note: They still receive full experience, you receive additional experience.

While you're off mining, your Data & Analysis building will slowly generate experience. Research & Development will also contribute to your XP generation. Note: XP/Gold generation is only active while you're playing the game.

Level: Rank: Mining


XP Required Painite Required

(40K XP)



1 [Newbie] N/A N/A N/A
2 [Rookie] 10% 50 1
3 [Apprentice] 20% 250 1 Itemopal
4 [Miner] 30% 3K 1 Itemmoon
5 [Professional] 40% 15K 1 Itemamy
6 [Expert] 50% 100K 2.5 AzureOreIcon
7 [Legend] 80% 1M 25 Itempain
8 [Master] 80% 25M 625
9 [Wizard] 120%


1.2K Mithril Icon 2
10 [Overlord] 130% 100M 2.5K
11 [Deity] 250% 1B 25K

Super Deity

Not Out Not Out Not Out

Trivia Edit

  • There used to be a rank called Supreme Ruler in previous versions such as alpha testing. The rank was eventually removed. It was between Wizard and Overlord - a possible reason it got removed was probably because the mining boost was overpowered and raised the standard too high for the last few levels.
  • Since the January Update, you have to be a high enough rank to mine some ores like Amethyst, Opal, Moonstone, Painite and so on. The highest rank required for any ore is Wizard for Mithril.
  • The experience bar is the same color as the next rank you'll be. If you're rank Master, your experience bar is orange or if you were rank Wizard, your experience bar would be red, and so on. If you're rank Deity, then you have no experience bar, it is the current max level until Super Deity is debuted. It has not been confirmed if the XP collected after becoming Deity will go towards the next rank if it ever becomes released.
  • It will take you roughly 5 days of non-stop grinding 3 Painite per minute with a Moonstone pickaxe to get from Newbie to Deity, that's without digging down to the Painite and not counting the fact you cant mine Painite until you're a Legend, if you're counting these factors it will most likely take a week, this is non-stop, so without sleep or food.