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Accessing the place Edit


The player would need to go to the right of the portal array near the bushes. There was a little part, which was visible enough to spot it, since it doesn't blend in with the environment very well. The part also was near the shipwreck, making it easier to find.

Overview Edit

The place was very poorly made. There are only four things; Memerock, Barrack Obama's model in ROBLOX, an exit and a spawn pad. Memerock was very much similar to Dragonstone at player's base. They probably have same properties, since they both aren't ores, which you get in your inventory, nor you can do anything with them. It is unknown if the memerock gives you anything in the future, but now players can't even get XP upon mining it. The background music in Meme World is an All-Star remix but with the roblox death sound.

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ROBLOX Azure Mines Meme world location

ROBLOX Azure Mines Meme world location