Overview Edit

Painite is an ore found very deep in the mines (2000m & below) which awards 40,000 XP when mined. Painite was added in "The Mountain Update". The ore glows deep, blood red making it easy to tell if it's nearby. Painite can be found most easily at 2010m, and is recommended as it is much faster to mine and gives a lot more XP than Dragonglass (Dragonglass only gives 100 XP and takes longer to mine). Painite cannot be mined if you are under the rank of Legend.

Painite is the best ore for you if you want to level up, as it gives a lot of XP, and is fast to mine. It is recommended if you want to level up faster you should buy a VIP Server, mine straight down to the Underworld (Level 2000+), and only mine Painite. When you upgrade your Marketplace to level 7, there's a good chance of getting deals such as selling painite at a unit price between 10-15k gold which make it VERY easy to get gold.

Painite Pickaxe Edit

The Painite Pickaxe was added on September 10th 2016 in the explosive update. The Painite Pickaxe awards the players who crafted it a special hell lantern with a higher radius and red color unlike the regular lantern, although this addition does give the actual Pickaxe worse stats. All things considered about how uncommon Painite is, although the Pickaxe still is very good all in all and most people who are able to craft it have enough Painite aswell.


  • Painite can be found in Berezaa's other game, Miner's Haven.
  • Painite has the third highest exp value in the game, the second highest being Kappa and the highest being Ambrosia.
  • Painite in real life can go up to $60,000 per carat. 
  • Painite can be found in the depth of 1999m, rarely. 
  • Painite gives 52,000 XP with the Moonstone pickaxe, which makes it very useful for leveling up.