This article is about something that is no longer available.

Note: The pumpkinite icon is not visible .

Pumpkinite is an ore introduced in the Halloween Update 2017. It is found on the rocky walls on the surface. To make one minable, you need to shoot it with your Nerf Dreadbolt Crossbow, the fourth item in your inventory. Several blocks will then fall down off the wall, the large orange square being Pumpkinite. Each block mined gives you 1-5 Pumpkinite. It is very effective for low-ranks to mine Pumpkinite due to it being practically unmissable and due to it giving the player 1000 XP upon mining it (1300 XP with Moonstone pickaxe.) The emblem, (in the market) is not visible, making people think it might be Garnet emblem (since garnet also has no icon.) Similarly this can lead to misleading trades where a player would get Pumpkinite and not Garnet. Nice!