Wikia Rules

  1. Users cannot excessively remove content from page, include gibberish or profanity (inappropriate language) such as cursing to any pages on this wikia (basically vandalism).
    1. Spamming (Blogs, multiple of same pages etc.), profanity, any form of bullying, harassment, and blackmail are not tolerated in any parts of this wikia. (The word "damn" is the ONLY exception.)
  2. Users are not allowed to do actions on this wikia just for the sake of earning badges.
  3. Do not go off-topic or talk about other games unless it has a connection with Miner's Haven. (2PGFT, Azure Mines and War Games are now permitted, but keep the trivia at a minimum.)
  4. No offsite links (only YouTube, ROBLOX, Twitter, and Wikia links are permitted.)
  5. If an admin disapproves an idea for this wikia then don't do it.
  6. Do not ask for admin.

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