Overview Edit

Stone is the basis of the mine. It's the most basic material that you can find, and also the most common material. 

There are four layers of stone, which are generally the same but appear different due to the lighting:

  • Light stone - ranging from 0 - 599m. The only source of Moonstone, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
  • Dark stone - ranging from 600 - 999m. Most ores spawn here.
  • Purple stone - ranging from 1000 - 1999m. The largest and darkest layer. The only source of Baryte, Rainbonite, Azure, and Mithril.
  • Underworld/Hell stone - ranging from 2000m+ (It is continually produced even after the death barrier.) Bright Red, surprisingly bright especially after Purple Stone. The only source of Painite and Dragonglass.

Stone Pickaxe Edit

The Stone Pickaxe is the starter pickaxe in Azure Mines. This was the only pickaxe in Azure Mines until Berezaa added the forge that allowed users to craft pickaxes. Though it is the starter pickaxe, and thus considered horrible by most players, it actually performs well in the higher layers and rivals pickaxes such as Amethyst until around 1000m.

Upgrades Edit

At first glance, stone is nothing more than a worthless substance, but later in the game, 100,000 stone is required for an upgrade for the Mining Operations.

Note: If you aren't aware, protected stone is not minable, and just prevents you mining to the surface after going a certain distance across the X or Z axis. It only appears in Layer 1, but can be bypassed by the 16 down, 15 across and then the staircase strategy.

Trivia Edit

  • Stone was the first Ore added into Azure Mines, created in the beta stage.
  • Stone is the only ore lacking an icon on the actual rock itself because it technically isn't an ore.