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Overview Edit

The People's Smithery is a building which contains the Forge and the Furnace, which can be used to craft Pickaxes and Placeable Items, respectively. Learn more about pickaxes by visiting its category page.

Forge Edit


Furnace menu

The forge is used to craft Pickaxes. The GUI for the forge will include the pickaxes you have already unlocked in their colors, and will grey out the slots for the ones which have not. On the physical forge will be your currently equipped pickaxe, or the pickaxe you have selected.

Furnace Edit

The furnace is used to craft placeable items. These include torches, the Teleport Pad, blocks, and ladders.

Trivia Edit

  • There a GUIs on the top of your screen to navigate to these menus. this was added in the official release but was changed a few days after to go from a surface GUI to a regular one. the Surface GUI was an issue with tablet users as the exit button for the furnace was tiny.
  • Under the description it says "DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT", showing that this may be an anarchist or socialist smithery.