Overview Edit

Torches are placeable items in Azure Mines that emit light that makes it easier to see underground. Torches are essential for really low depths when you can barely see even with a lamp. There are three types of torches:

Torch Edit

The Torch has an easy recipe making it easier to obtain but not as bright as Uranium Stick. It is very cheap to make, costing only a single coal.

Uranium Stick Edit

Uranium Stick emits a green light and can only be placed below 100 meters. Uranium Stick is far brighter than the regular Torch. It requires 1 Uranium and 2 Iron to craft.

Glass Candle Edit

Glass Candle emits a purple light. The candle is the brightest of the three torches, but also the hardest to obtain. It requires 3 Dragonglass to craft.

Trivia Edit

  • The Uranium Stick has an Iron handle instead of the normal wooden handle that the Torch has, signifying how powerful Uranium is. This is also evident in the Glass Candle having a granite handle.
  • The Uranium Stick emits a green light, making it hard to verify ores by look or color alone.
  • The regular torch becomes less effective below 600 meters and is completely useless below 1000 meters.

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