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The entrance to the Trade Center.

The Trade-o-tron 2000 was copied and placed into the ROBLOX Pokemon Go Game, watch Berezaa's video on it here.


The Trade Center is where players go to exchange items. It is located on the opposite side of the entrance to the mining area (where the bridge is). The main premise of the Trade Center is the Trade-O-Tron.

Functionality Edit


The Trade-O-Tron is the machine used for players to trade. Players will stand on the blue or red and blue platforms to trade. The GUI for the Trade-O-Tron allows players to fill slots with certain quantities of items. Players have 180 seconds ( 3 minutes ) to do the trade.

When both players have agreed to a trade, both players must click "Approve Trade" to finalize the trade. This will start a 5 second countdown, which will process the trade once it end. There is also a session timer, which will kick both players if they do not agree on a trade. To prevent other people not being able to trade. At any time during the trade can a player click "Cancel Trade", which will kick the player from the Trade-O-Tron.

Tips for Trading Edit

  • Its recommended to have a set trade with the player you wish to trade before entering the trade - o tron. As discussing the trade while in Trade - O Tron may bother other players because of the time being taken to get an value to trade for the both.
  • It is also not a good idea standing in a Trade Center slot when two players want to do a trade. Neither of the two players would want to trade with you and in fact lower the chances of other players doing trades with you in the future. It also enrages the pair wanting to do the trade, it is not considered trolling, just straight annoying.
  • There are no official trade values so its best to make trade offers based on what make sense (by that we mean comparing ore rarities. Ex: 1 copper for 1 iron, they're both equally common or 3 silver for 2 iron/copper as Silver is more common. if you care about morality then don't rip off others (do a trade with them that gives you more and them less without them realizing that it is less, basically stealing)
  • Minor trades are not exactly worth it because they do not tend to be worth the time putting in for the trade. An exception would be if you really needed the ore and had a hard time trying to get the ore.


  • While the GUI for the Trade-O-Tron says "Trade-O-Tron 3000", the physical machine says "Trade-O-Tron 2000".
  • The Trade-O-Tron is a pending patent.
  • If you teleport to a teleport pad while trading, you can still see the gui.

ROBLOX Pokemon GO Trade o Tron copy Edit

This was an incident that occured on October 12th 2016, you can watch Berezaa's video on it here

  • The trade system in ROBLOX Pokemon had the same physical strcture and bnearl the same GUIs and GUI color3 values
  • HeavenLogin, the owner of the game said on Twitter that the trade system was inspired by the one on Azure Mines
  • HeavenLogin also re tweeted a tweet from BuildIntoGames that nothing is original and everything is taken from something else
  • A user looked at ROBLOX Pokemon Go's game workspace and saw the trade script has a similar name to the one in Azure Mines. In Azure Mines it's called "MahBoiInTheHood" and in ROBLOX Pokemon Go it's called "WazGoodInTheHood".

Aftermath Edit

ROBLOX reviewed the situation too long after it occurred. HeavenLogin changed too much of the code for the Trade system that ROBLOX did not punish HeavenLogin for his bad deed. After this incident, HeavenLogin is looked down on by the Berezaa Games community and a few others while ROBLOX Pokemon GO is still a front page game.