Overview Edit

"Unobtainium Crystals. Found in the mine or bought with Robux. Used to purchase cool swag and support the game."


Unobtainium can be found at 50m or deeper, even in the Underworld. Instead of receiving some sort of ore, you receive uC, which is Unobtainium Crystal, the premium currency also featured in Miner's Haven. It has been seen at 49m once but very unlikely chance of that to happen


Unobtainium will reward 1 to 3 uC and is found often enough to upgrade your Base Stations without having to purchase extra with R$ (Robux).


Note: It's important to understand (to be correct) that uC is only referring to the currency and Unotainium is only referring to the ore.

Usage Edit

The currency either obtained from mining Unobtainium or purchased with R$ is usable on:

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, there is no ore called Unobtainium. Unobtainium is only a term which can mean exceedingly rare, unrealistically expensive, unusual or completely theoretical, usually referring to some perfect material which unfortunately doesn't exist. In this case it's a rock we can never get an ore out of.
  • The highest amount in one purchase w/ R$ is 5k Unobtainium Crystals for 1.7k R$. Doing this also gives 50 uC to everyone else in the server, good for supporting friends lacking robux.
  • The Unobtainium emblem is unable to be purchased for seemingly no reason, perhaps because obtaining 100 crystals would be a waste.